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Johanna Vondeling, June 2013
Top 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Publishing »

At Berrett-Koehler, we are currently engaged in a strategic planning process designed to help the company achieve growth and long-term sustainability. As part of that process, I’m creating a list of the most important trends underlying the many tumultuous forces now affecting all of us in the publishing industry. I offer it here as a …

Joseph J. Esposito, March 2013
How New Media Makes Money »

Looking in on the fringes of the digital publishing world, you would get the impression that publishing is dead, dead, dead, except for those among us—the living dead—in denial. You have heard these claims or charges before. Big publishers are too big and unresponsive; publishers don’t add value; all information should be open (as in …

Joseph J. Esposito, November 2012
The Post-Apocalyptic Publishing Platform »

Yes, the title is tongue in cheek. What I’m about to do is share some thoughts not on where publishing is going but on where it will go after it gets there. The point of this exercise is to caution us about thinking that we have somehow or other figured out the future of publishing …

Mike Shatzkin and Joseph J. Esposito, February 2012
Keeping an Eye on Amazon: Amazon as a Disruptive Force / Amazon’s Dominance and DRM »

“I’m usually the one wearing the target on my chest.” The speaker was an Amazon executive. The setting was a meeting of publishers and booksellers confronting troublesome issues. The time was some years ago. But it’s easy to imagine the same scene playing out today as people throughout the book business express anger at Amazon …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, February 1997
Publishers Weekly Meeting of Independent Press Distributors »

Last December, Publishers Weekly hosted at their New York office a meeting of the major independent press distributors. Many of us who have worked in this area were very pleased by this attention from PW, even if we felt it was a few years overdue. A cynic might suppose that the large number of ad …

Peter Goodman, Stone Bridge Communications, December 1996
A Learning Experience »

Having attended two meetings in San Francisco recently, I thought I would share valuable information with the membership. The first meeting was on “the future of distribution” and featured the marketing director of NBN and Susan Reich of PGW and Harper SF. Some interesting comments: Unless you have $15 million in sales, you will need …

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