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Michael Fertik and David Thompson, February 2011
Protect Your Online Reputation »

For a small business, reputation damage may be a bigger risk than natural disaster or even terrorism. After all, a careful backup plan can avert most problems an earthquake or fire might cause, but damage to a reputation is long-lasting and often permanent, and every customer interaction has the potential to create it. Fortunately, there …

Steve Gillen, October 2010
Negotiating Styles: Zero-sum vs. Win/Win »

Right after John Wiley & Sons acquired the book division of Bloomberg, Joan O’Neil, VP and executive publisher at Wiley, sent a letter that began: Dear , . . . It is my pleasure to welcome you to our Wiley community of authors. . . . We are pleased to inform you that we will …

Tad Crawford, Joe Donnini, and Nancy Seifer, June 2010
Dealing with Piracy Problems »

Allworth Press, the company I founded more than 20 years ago, publishes many books for graphic designers and creative professionals in related fields. Recently I’ve received a number of emails from upset and worried authors who have found their books available free on the Internet. Pirated titles include Emotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting …

Kimberly Kluver, November 2009
Legacy: The Story Behind a Successful Self-Published Novel »

On a hot July afternoon in the summer of 2006, two of my daughters wanted to go to the swimming pool; my middle daughter, who was not quite 14, did not. As a result, she ended up with both the house and our one and only computer to herself. She began to write a story, …

Lin A. Lacombe, April 2009
Publishing Trade Shows, Conferences, and Expos: Why Go, and What to Know »

      Publishing Trade Shows, Conferences, and Expos: Why Go, and What to Know by Lin A. Lacombe When publishers list things to do for their books, they often include trade shows, conferences, and expos. But attending these kinds of events can be daunting—especially if you don’t investigate what they have to offer before …

Linda Carlson, March 2008
Guidance on Growth by Acquisition »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2008 by Linda Carlson, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — Acquiring an imprint or an entire company is often the route to growth for publishers. Being acquired can be equally important, as a source of revenue or expertise so that your company can expand, or as part of an entrepreneur’s exit plan. If you …

Rhona Sacks, December 2007
Exit Strategies: A Hidden Asset Can Help »

When the time comes to sell a publishing company, it’s obviously important to extract maximum value from the business. Unfortunately, many exiting entrepreneurs (as well as their legal, financial, and business advisers) fail to recognize the enormous value hidden within one of their business assets: the business life insurance policy. Even if you’re not contemplating …

Norman Gibat, February 2007
The House That Moonshine Made »

content=”======================================================”>     BUILDING THE BUSINESS   The House That Moonshine Made   by Norman Gibat   Our small company prints and distributes a book titled The Lore of Still Building. To date we’ve sold almost a quarter of a million copies, and it’s still profitable enough to keep in print. Our advertising and marketing …

Tad Crawford and Kay Murray, June 2003
Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed »

It is tempting to postpone the complex process of planning for retirement. But it’s not wise. No matter how far away the retirement years seem, or how attractive or repellent the thought of retirement is, it makes sense to start working toward it early. A good way to start is by thinking about the major, …

Tad Crawford & Kay Murray, January 2003
Taxes 101: Basic Guidelines for Self-Publishing Beginners – Part I »

“To produce an income tax return that has any depth to it, any feeling,” author Frank Sullivan quipped, “one must have Lived–and Suffered.” The suffering stems not only from the necessity of giving hard-earned money to the government, but also from the nature of dealing with tax regulations. Because tax policy is one of the …

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