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Dave Marx, August 2012
The Tool Chest: The Book Business in Flux – A Wide-Angle View »

It’s hard for me to believe that my time on the IBPA board is over, but my second two-year term ended on July 31. As I reflect on the changes that have taken place at IBPA and in publishing over the past four years . . . interesting times, indeed! When I was encouraged to …

Tom Clarkson, July 2012
Courting Consumers Who Use Mobile Devices »

Tom Clarkson runs Cumberland Systems Review Group and chairs the Book Industry Study Group’s Machine Readable Coding Committee, which created the modules that are posted at and that served as the basis for this article. To reach him, email With more and more people using smartphones and other mobile devices to obtain information …

Aaron Shepard, June 2012
Why Don’t Those Sales Figures Match? »

It’s common for new publishers who use Lightning Source to hang on their computers trying to correlate sales at Amazon—as reflected by jumps in sales rank—to Lightning sales. When they see no correlations, they may conclude that Lightning’s reporting is faulty or even dishonest. So let me state in the strongest terms that italics can …

Deltina Hay, May 2012
Make the Mobile Web Work for You »

Deltina Hay, a regular contributor to Technorati and, is the professor of Drury University’s online graduate social media certificate course. This article is based on her new book, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web: Practical Plans to Get Your Business Mobile in Just a Few Days for Just a Few Bucks, released this …

Carol Kinsey Goman, February 2012
Body Language for Negotiations »

      Body Language for Negotiations by Carol Kinsey Goman In any business encounter (from high-stakes negotiation to everyday bargaining situations), you are communicating over two channels—verbal and nonverbal—so that two distinct conversations are going on at the same time. While a well-designed bargaining strategy is obviously important, it doesn’t determine the most important …

Mike Shatzkin and Joseph J. Esposito, February 2012
Keeping an Eye on Amazon: Amazon as a Disruptive Force / Amazon’s Dominance and DRM »

“I’m usually the one wearing the target on my chest.” The speaker was an Amazon executive. The setting was a meeting of publishers and booksellers confronting troublesome issues. The time was some years ago. But it’s easy to imagine the same scene playing out today as people throughout the book business express anger at Amazon …

Steven Piersanti, February 2012
The First Book on Occupy Wall Street: Four Weeks from Idea to Publication; Two More to Thousands of Sales »

    Fran Korten of YES! Magazine, a prime mover in the project, with demonstrators at New York’s Zuccotti Park. The First Book on Occupy Wall Street: Four Weeks from Idea to Publication; Two More to Thousands of Sales by Steven Piersanti How is it possible to publish a book in only four weeks from …

Gordon Burgett, January 2012
Don’t Invest Until You Test: How to Find Out How Much You’d Make with a Niche Book (Before It Gets Written) »

  One of the huge benefits of niche publishing is that you can pretest to see if a book will sell (and roughly how many copies) before it exists. I backed into niche publishing about 15 years ago, and now most of my 40 published books are niche based. One field, dentistry, earned us about …

Kirk Biglione & Russell Phillips, January 2012
DRM Decisions: Analyzing the Business Case / Why I Don’t Use DRM »

  When the phone rings in the IBPA offices, it’s often a call from a member who’s perplexed about whether to use DRM on e-books. When the board of a book-business trade association convenes, some of its members insist that DRM is essential and others insist that it does far more harm than good. Contributors …

Mark Bide, December 2011
Our Standards for E-commerce, Part 2: Complications, Comparisons, and Trends »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2011 by Mark Bide, Executive Director, EDItEUR — Adjusting business strategies in the light of the “switch to digital” necessitates familiarity with the complex landscape of standards. As noted in Part 1 of this series describing that landscape …

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