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Linda Carlson, April 2014
Murder, He Wrote: Grove Point Press Builds a One-Author Publishing Program »

Murder, He Wrote: Grove Point Press Builds a One-Author Publishing Program April 2014 by Linda Carlson Chris Fischer has a problem. His father and business partner, Peter S. Fischer, turns out mysteries so fast that fans don’t have to wait for the next novel. “You need the anticipation of the next adventure: you want to enjoy …

Judith Appelbaum, April 2014
IBPA Roundtable: Revelations from Readers: Part 3 »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2014 by Judith Appelbaum, Editor, IBPA Independent A Note from the Editor: Today’s abundance—or is it overabundance—of data includes everything from “big data,” through the kinds of data that Linda Carlson reports on in this issue, to “anecdata.” “Big data,” often defined as data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems, …

Janice Schnell Butler, April 2014
Get Your Books to the Global Market »

Janice Schnell Butler is a key account sales manager for Ingram Content Group, where she focuses on offset and print-on-demand book manufacturing and distribution as well as on digital content solutions for publishers. A member of the IBPA board, she joined Ingram in 2007. To learn more: In today’s all-access-immediately world, publishers are always looking …

Linda Carlson, April 2014
Where to Get Data You Can Use to Boost Sales »

Where to Get Data You Can Use to Boost Sales  April 2014 by Linda Carlson Accurate data about where your books have sold best and which channels are the best prospects for future sales may seem both difficult and expensive to obtain. Some information, however, is as close as a few clicks on a free …

Kimberly A. Edwards, March 2014
Sharing Self-Publishing Basics »

Sharing Self-Publishing Basics March 2014 by Kimberly A. Edwards When writers gather to explore self-publishing, the room fills with angst. As IBPA’s Terry Nathan has said, publishing requires a different skill set than writing. Recently, I attended an eight-hour Self-Publishing Boot Camp sponsored by the California Writers Club in Sacramento, and led by co-founder Carla …

Davida Breier, March 2014
Publishing Is a Business, Except When It Isn’t »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2014 by Davida G. Breier, The Johns Hopkins University Press — My initial foray into publishing came 20 years ago, when I discovered zines. The core ideals of zine publishing related to independent thinking and publishing, connection with readers, fostering community, and creating positive change. Success was never about financial gain; that wasn’t …

Linda Carlson, February 2014
Bringing Books Back, Part 2: When Authors Want to Republish »

February 2014 by Linda Carlson Authors Acquiring Rights As you know from Part 1 of this series (January), some IBPA members have created perennial bestsellers from titles that had languished with their original publishers, having met the challenges of acquiring rights from companies that are still active, acquiring rights held by companies that closed long …

Linda Carlson, February 2014
Serving Several Niches: The North Star Story »

Serving Several Niches: The North Star Story February 2014 by Linda Carlson Brenda Avadian says she shudders when she has to talk numbers, but she has figures to brag about when it comes to direct sales: 75 to 90 percent. The publisher at the Los Angeles–area North Star Books has another impressive number: 100 percent …

Mary Shafer, February 2014
Easy Storage and Sharing of Large Digital Files: Dropbox Does the Job »

Easy Storage and Sharing of Large Digital Files: Dropbox Does the Job February 2014 by Mary Shafer Sharing, storage, and transfer of large digital files can create bottlenecks for publishers. Files such as those required in laying out covers and pages in composition software often contain very large graphics that bloat their sizes beyond the …

Brooke Warner, February 2014
Partnership Publishing: The Continuing (and Controversial) Revolution »

Partnership Publishing: The Continuing (and Controversial) Revolution February 2014 by Brooke Warner In 2012, when I co-founded She Writes Press with Kamy Wicoff (founder of the social networking site, we thought “hybrid publishing” best described what we were doing. Like others in the in-between space, we’re neither a traditional press nor a self-publisher. Our authors …

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