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Steve Gillen, September/October 2018
What You Need to Know About Endorsements »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 by Stephen E. Gillen, Lawyer & Partner, Wood Herron & Evans — Changing methods and media of advertising has changed the application of the basic principles of endorsements. Endorsements are good for business. We know this intuitively. And a 2012 article in the Journal of Advertising Research confirms it empirically, reporting that …

Dee Chips & Steve Gillen, September/October 2018
Two Questions: Title Rights and Libel Laws »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 by Dee Chips, Owner & Manager, Transpersonal Publishing LLC & Steve Gillen, Lawyer & Partner, Wood Herron & Evans — Q1: What are the guidelines for legally releasing a title’s rights back to one of the co-authors of a title when it is unclear as to the other author’s whereabouts? (Their mail …

Steve Gillen, March 2016
Who Do You Think You’re Dealing With? »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2016 by Steve Gillen, Lawyer & Partner, Wood Herron & Evans Most of your authors work independently—as individuals. Consequently, the form of publishing contract you have developed for your publishing business undoubtedly reflects that, calling for your author’s personal name and residence address in the preamble or recitals. But every once in a …

Steve Gillen, November 2012
The Work-for-Hire Minefield »

Do you think that any book written for a fixed fee is a work-for-hire…and that any book written for royalties is not? Do you think that, if you commission a writer to prepare the manuscript for the next in a series of travel guides written to a form and specification that you developed, the writer’s …

Steve Gillen, October 2010
Negotiating Styles: Zero-sum vs. Win/Win »

Right after John Wiley & Sons acquired the book division of Bloomberg, Joan O’Neil, VP and executive publisher at Wiley, sent a letter that began: Dear , . . . It is my pleasure to welcome you to our Wiley community of authors. . . . We are pleased to inform you that we will …

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