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Carolyn Beauchamp, Karen Bellenir, Abigail Carter, Peter Federal, Mary Shafer, December 2014
I Did It and I’m Glad: Publishing Decisions That Turned Out Well, Part 3 »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2014 SEE ALSO: Part 1, Part 2 Experimenting With Promotion Possibilities When I self-published my novel Remember the Moon through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing earlier this year, I’d already had a wonderful experience with my Canadian publisher, who organized a launch party, radio and TV interviews, and newspaper and magazine reviews for my …

Mary Shafer, November 2014
A Social Media Pep Talk with Pointers »

Even today, many publishers seem not to understand what social media can do for their businesses. They fear it’s nothing but the ultimate time suck, and until they grasp the mechanics of social media, they’re right; it’s hard to imagine return on investment until you have an idea of what that investment might yield. In …

Mary Shafer, July 2014
Using Evernote to Be More Organized, Informed and Engaged »

The first time you see the clean, friendly elephant head logo, the little “dog-ear” inset at the corner of that elephant’s ear may signal that you’re encountering a note-taking app that helps you remember things, since elephants never forget. At least that was the intent of the logo designers. But Evernote is much more than …

Mary Shafer, February 2014
Easy Storage and Sharing of Large Digital Files: Dropbox Does the Job »

Easy Storage and Sharing of Large Digital Files: Dropbox Does the Job February 2014 by Mary Shafer Sharing, storage, and transfer of large digital files can create bottlenecks for publishers. Files such as those required in laying out covers and pages in composition software often contain very large graphics that bloat their sizes beyond the …

Mary Shafer, January 2014
Skype is Your Friend »

Mary Shafer is an independent publisher, an award-winning author, and a marketing consultant with more than 20 years in the industry. Formerly president of the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association, she provides guidance for authors considering self-publishing, and for indie publishers seeking greater success, at If you’re an indie publisher who hasn’t heard of Skype, …

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