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Thomas Woll, June 2014
Distribution: Major Options and Important Issues »

If you want to reach readers through the sales channels that still sell the most books, you need to do print editions; you need to sync your operations with the needs of wholesalers and retailers that handle print editions; and you need to understand what your distribution options are. Remember: All the wholesalers and retailers …

Thomas Woll, April 2014
Keeping Production Costs Down »

Thomas Woll, the president of Cross River Publishing Consultants, Inc., has been a vice president and general manager at John Wiley & Sons, vice president and publisher at Storey Communications/Garden Way, and vice president and publisher of the Rodale Press book division. This article is derived from the new, fifth edition of his book Publishing for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line …

Thomas Woll, September 2011
Selling Foreign Rights in Our Digital Age »

Has selling foreign rights changed in today’s digital world? The answer is yes—and no. Some changes have made it easier for publishers to handle foreign rights internally. And some actions have stayed the same, including the steps you need to take to achieve success. Nine Tried and True Tactics As in the past, selling foreign …

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