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Linda Nix, February 2014
The Editor’s Job in the Digital Age »

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2014 by Linda Nix, Founder, Golden Orb Creative — Although e-books are no longer the novelty they were only three years ago, the publishing industry is still experiencing massive disruption from the effects of the digital revolution. Considering three different aspects of today’s publishing landscape, I arrive at one conclusion: The role of …

Linda Nix, June 2013
Why Print? A Digital Enthusiast’s Answer »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2013 by Linda Nix, Founder, Golden Orb Creative — I can’t imagine a world without books. I’ve been a bookworm since I was three years old. My Ph.D. thesis was on book production in the early Middle Ages, and the interplay between text (the content), format (the materials), and layout (the design). That …

Linda Nix, July 2011
Apps: An Overview for the Undecided »

PUBLISHED JULY 2011 by Linda Nix, Founder, Golden Orb Creative — Books as apps are receiving a lot of attention. But before you decide to produce an app, let alone several apps, you’ll need to understand two things: the differences between books produced as apps and books produced as digital files for apps the key …

Linda Nix, March 2011
Producing E-books Isn’t Easy »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2011 by Linda Nix, Founder, Golden Orb Creative — Producing a book for e-readers is considerably more complicated than producing one for print. Instead of a familiar landscape easily navigated by experienced staff, you are confronted with an unstable terrain guarded by new gatekeepers, and you can’t find any reliable map. Consider the …

Linda Nix, January 2011
E-book Formats: The Basics »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2011 by Linda Nix, Founder, Golden Orb Creative — Do you understand the difference between e-book readers and apps? Are you frustrated by having to produce different book files for different platforms? Is it hard for you to decide which format(s) you should be using to produce your books? The term e-book can …

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