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Linda Carlson, March 2013
Figuring Profits with Multiple E-Book Formats »

The real cost of producing and selling electronic books is a figure that many publishers cannot yet determine. But as e-books increase in popularity, and publishers continue to expand their offerings in digital formats, accurate accounting of costs becomes more and more important. It’s what lets us accurately determine profitability. For titles produced only in …

Linda Carlson, February 2013
From Self-Publishing to Success in Multiple Markets: The Penfield Books Story »

What keeps a publisher at her keyboard—and camera—after a career that’s already more than six decades long?   “A desire to learn, to search, to explore, and to share,” says Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret, now in her mid-80s, with more than 110 titles to her credit—and still turning out books in areas as diverse as photography, …

Linda Carlson, February 2013
The Language of Publishing: J, K, L, M »

  The Language of Publishing J, K, L, M   by Linda Carlson This is the fourth installment of our glossary of publishing terms, which is designed to help publishing veterans, industry newcomers, and traditionally published authors experimenting with self-publishing, whether print or digital. Our goal: to define old and new words and phrases that …

Linda Carlson, January 2013
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

  Spotlight Showcasing the Stinky Series Two segments of a new CNN Headline News show, Making It in America, featured Britt Menzies, author of the Raven Tree Press StinkyKids series, when its third title, StinkyKids Have a Heart, launched in the fall. Introduced in 2011, the hardbound picture books use characters created by Menzies in 2006 for T-shirts, which …

Linda Carlson, January 2013
How Backlist Makes the Bottom Line Better »

  How Backlist Makes the Bottom Line Better by Linda Carlson   Still thinking about New Year’s resolutions? Think backlist promotion. Backlist is the backbone of a publisher’s business, as one IBPA member emphasized, and much can be done to generate sales from last year’s—and last decade’s—titles. When I polled publishers recently, I learned that …

Linda Carlson, December 2012
Members in the Spotlight: December 2012 »

Spotlight December 2012 Getting Mainstream and Niche Media Coverage Televenge by Pamela King Cable, from Satya House Publications, has been the subject of several reviews, some from such mainstream publications as Library Journal, which said it’s “an emotional rollercoaster that ends as intensely as it begins,” and “Those who commit to Cable’s tome will find themselves captivated …

Linda Carlson, December 2012
The Language of Publishing: G, H, I »

  The Language of Publishing   December 2012 by Linda Carlson   In September and October, we began a series on the language of publishing—or, as Joel Friedlander of calls it, the mumbo-jumbo you need to understand when speaking to designers, book manufacturers, wholesalers, and POD specialists. The glossary we’re developing is designed to …

Linda Carlson, November 2012
Carving Out a History Niche: Aquila Polonica’s Passion Fuels Publishing »

If you didn’t speak Polish, had no military experience, and didn’t know a thing about the Warsaw ghetto or World War II, would you try to write fiction about Polish WW II flying aces? Probably not—but Terry Tagnazian wasn’t fazed. Not that she ever finished her novel. Instead, she established a company to publish eyewitness …

Linda Carlson, November 2012
Members in the Spotlight: November 2012 »

      Spotlight November 2012 Posture Power Publicity When she was profiled as “Interesting Expert of the Week, Practical Glamour Edition” by a blogger for ProfNet, Constance Dunn of RLD Publications Inc. offered advice that’s valuable for everyone who makes presentations of any kind: Capitalize, she said, “on the power of good posture. It doesn’t cost …

Selling Sidelines, November 2012
Selling Sidelines »

Selling Sidelines November 2012 by Linda Carlson Gifts, games, candy, and other nonbook items, which are important and higher-margin sources of revenue for booksellers, are increasingly important for book publishers too. Some publishers are selling merchandise that ties directly to their titles, with toy versions of children’s book characters the most common product. Others are …

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