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Linda Carlson, June 2006
Companion Products: Creating CDs, DVDs, and Software »

You’re a book publisher, and you’re thinking about creating an audiobook, CD, DVD, or some other nonbook product. This could be one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made, several publishers say.   Why develop these alternate formats? Obviously, to generate additional revenue, and to enhance your customers’ experience— through music designed to accompany a …

Linda Carlson, May 2006
Click Fraud Alert: What You Risk with Pay-per-Click »

If the Internet is important in your marketing program, you may be using, or thinking of using, pay-per-click advertising—aka PPC or sponsored links—with Google, Yahoo, or another major search engine. No more worrying about whether your Web site will show up on the first or second page of the search engine’s listings. No more worrying …

Linda Carlson, November 2004
The Author Ingredient: How Writers Add Marketing Power »

Looking for ways to improve your marketing? Look at your authors. A savvy, hard-working author can be the crown jewel of your marketing program: a valuable and cost-effective extension of your publicity efforts. Both publishers and authors probably expect author appearances to be part of the publicity campaign. Publishers may also have factored back-of-the-room sales …

Linda Carlson, September 2004
Rights and Special-Markets Sales Can Be Big Contributors to Success »

Most book publishers start out small. Seattle’s Fred and Elizabeth Crary were no different. She wrote Parenting Press’s first book on the dining table in 1979 and he typed it on a home-built 60K PC. They and their two young children packed books and labeled flyers on the living room floor. What was different, however, …

Linda Carlson, July 2004
Beyond Co-op: Better Ways to Help Booksellers Sell Your Books »

If you think a shoestring budget means you can’t think big when it comes to book promotion, think again. There are dozens of economical ways you and your authors can work with booksellers to do a better job of marketing–and not one of them includes traditional co-op advertising. In many cases, it’s simply a matter …

Linda Carlson, April 2002
Profiting from the Past »

Time is money, and most publishers think their time is best spent creating and selling books. We publishers begrudge the hours spent processing returns and completing tax returns. So to set aside yet another precious hour or two for an outline of company history may seem unthinkable. But you can benefit from even a simple …

Linda Carlson, February 2002
Bravely Telling Kids about Abuse »

Elizabeth and Fred Crary of Parenting Press were no strangers to instant bestsellers when they published It’s MY Body in 1983. By then they’d been in business for four years and had seen her first parenting guide, Without Spanking or Spoiling, sell through its first printing of 5,000 in less than a year. Second, third, …

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