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Kimbery A. Edwards, April 2017
Pivot at the Send Button »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2017 by Kimberly A. Edwards, President, California Writers Club (Sacramento Branch) — Print marketing is making a comeback in a digital world, but a mix of both might ultimately be the best approach. When marketing budgets tighten, print newsletters and other tangible marketing tools are often the first to go. Why? Because print …

Kimberly A. Edwards, June 2016
Finding Fans: Practical and Targeted Promotion »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2016 by Kimberly A. Edwards, Freelance Writer — Promotion is all about results, and publishers are always searching for innovative ideas that reverberate in the market. Here, four top publishing marketing experts offer some number-driven strategies. Create Super Fans Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts (, suggests building super fans. “A super fan …

Kimberly A. Edwards, June 2015
The Volunteering Value Proposition »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Kimberly A. Edwards, freelance writer “I call it face time,” says Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices, president of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. “People see me leading and helping, and hopefully over time, building confidence.” Ted Witt of Pretty Road Press calls it opportunity. “Pitching in with time …

Kimberly A. Edwards, March 2014
Sharing Self-Publishing Basics »

Sharing Self-Publishing Basics March 2014 by Kimberly A. Edwards When writers gather to explore self-publishing, the room fills with angst. As IBPA’s Terry Nathan has said, publishing requires a different skill set than writing. Recently, I attended an eight-hour Self-Publishing Boot Camp sponsored by the California Writers Club in Sacramento, and led by co-founder Carla …

Kimberly A. Edwards, July 2013
Doing Business in Other Cultures »

PUBLISHED JULY 2013 by Kimberly A. Edwards, Freelance Writer — “We live in a multicultural, multifaceted world,” says Dawn Bruno, senior international trade specialist at the New York City U.S. Export Assistance Center. “People have the ability to find you from everywhere around the globe. For this reason, companies that are successful are able to …

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