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Joanna Penn, February 2014
Content Marketing »

Content Marketing February 2014 by Joanna Penn This image from Joanna Penn’s site is captioned “Making videos at the British Museum, London — just part of the job.” Content marketing is using content that you create to attract people so that they will become part of your sales process. For example, you can write useful …

Joanna Penn, November 2013
For Press Releases That Get Results »

Press releases can be seen as an art form (and some are), but mostly they are just news sent to the right people at the right time. As I’ve learned from my own experience, the key points for writing them are: Identify exactly what you want to say and who your target is. Keep it …

Joanna Penn, September 2013
How to Build an Email List »

Building your own email list from your own Website and also from a sign-up message at the back of your book will give you a way to contact fans over time when you have a new book out, and give you more control over sales. It will also help you build up a relationship with …

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