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Deltina Hay, November 2015
How to Be Really Mobile-Ready »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2015 by Deltina Hay, DeltinaU Get the most out of the images in this article by clicking to expand. The need to optimize for mobile is crystal clear today, but many publishers look only at aspects of mobile readiness such as websites, mobile apps, and mobile advertising. What about the other tools required …

Deltina Hay, September 2015
A Practical Guide to Social Media Advertising, Part 2 »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2015 by Deltina Hay, Founder and Curator, — Given today’s social media noise level, I recently decided that I would pay for some exposure within social media platforms. Now I’m suggesting that you do the same, not by replacing your existing social media marketing strategy but by enhancing it to promote some …

Deltina Hay, August 2015
A Practical Guide to Social Media Advertising, Part 1 »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2015 by Deltina Hay, Founder, With Facebook continuing to tighten its grip on how many of your page fans get to see your promotional updates (see, and with other social media platforms sure to follow suit, it is time to be realistic about whether your social media marketing strategy can survive …

Deltina Hay, January 2015
Changes in Social Marketing »

As the new year begins, major social media networks are, or soon will be, providing some new and some different options. For best results, keep the changes described below in your mind while you develop social media marketing campaigns. The Dwindling Facebook Reach Facebook “reach”—in other words, how many of your page’s fans actually see …

Deltina Hay , July 2014
Underrated Tools for Driving Traffic and Improving Discoverability »

Are you tired of reading more “new” tips about the same old social media tools? Me too. So here are some of my favorite underrated online tools that can drive traffic to your Web- site and improve book discoverability. QUORA.COM Quora is a crowd-sourced Q&A site that has recently gained a lot of popularity. The …

Deltina Hay, January 2014
Ten Online Marketing Resolutions for 2014 »

January 2014 by Deltina Hay Here are ten digital marketing tactics to help you jumpstart your online marketing for the new year. Some of these tactics were hammered into your brain throughout 2013—and for good reason. Google Authorship, Rich Snippets, and Mobile Marketing should already be staples in your online strategy. But this group includes …

Deltina Hay, July 2013
Keys to Conversion »

Board Member’s Memo Keys to Conversion July 2013 by Deltina Hay   “Sure, getting discovered is great, but how many sales were generated as a result?” That’s the question people consistently asked during my two sessions at IBPA’s 2013 Publishing University, even though the session topics were quite different. One session was …

Deltina Hay, May 2012
Make the Mobile Web Work for You »

Deltina Hay, a regular contributor to Technorati and, is the professor of Drury University’s online graduate social media certificate course. This article is based on her new book, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web: Practical Plans to Get Your Business Mobile in Just a Few Days for Just a Few Bucks, released this …

Deltina Hay, January 2011
Tips for Improving Your Online Presence »

Tips for Improving Your Online Presence by Deltina Hay Few of us have the time to do everything the experts recommend when it comes to improving our online presence. Nor do we have the money to pay them to do it for us. Luckily, we can do almost everything ourselves, a little at a time. …

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