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Davida Breier, March 2014
Publishing Is a Business, Except When It Isn’t »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2014 by Davida G. Breier, The Johns Hopkins University Press — My initial foray into publishing came 20 years ago, when I discovered zines. The core ideals of zine publishing related to independent thinking and publishing, connection with readers, fostering community, and creating positive change. Success was never about financial gain; that wasn’t …

Davida Breier, September 2012
E-Book Metadata Best Practices »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2012 by Davida G. Breier, The Johns Hopkins University Press — The cacophony of modern publishing makes discoverability a vital task for all publishers, and one way to raise your books above the din is by providing comprehensive metadata in well-prepared PDF and EPUB files. Along with the file metadata that describes e-books—which …

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