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Christopher Robbins, November 2014
Leadership 101 »

We know SEO strategies are important, of course, along with things like understanding how to use social media to increase discoverability, how to work with a distributor, how to provide metadata, and how to understand Amazon algorithms. But management and leadership principles and tactics are at least as important, although they may not get as …

Christopher Robbins, February 2014
The Delectable Data Diet »

      The Delectable Data Diet February 2014 by Christopher Robbins There is an axiomatic truth universally understood but rarely followed: You can’t lose weight on a hot fudge sundae diet. But awhile back, I was gaining too much weight even though I was eating only really healthy food. I called a friend who …

Christopher Robbins, January 2013
The Own Your Own Business Alternative »

After 17 years running someone else’s publishing business, I resigned my position as CEO, threw caution to the wind, and launched my own publishing house, where I’ve been working day in and day out for almost a year. Now I’ve been giving some thought to the question of which is better—working for someone else or …

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