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Fauzia Burke, February 2016
10 Steps for Sending Successful Emails to Your Fans and Readers »

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2016 by Fauzia Burke, Founder & President, FSB Associates Connecting with people is a privilege. Don’t waste it. Social media can be very successful, but the real power of your online marketing lies in your email mailing list. People who sign up to be on your email list are your super fans. You …

Frances Caballo, November 2015
Nine Twitter Tools and Apps for Time-Saving Tweeting »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2015 by Frances Caballo, Author and Social Media Strategist I’m a huge fan of Twitter. It’s my number-one source for traffic to my website. And I also love Twitter because it has led to meeting people around the world who have helped me make book sales around the world. Numerous applications can help …

Deltina Hay, September 2015
A Practical Guide to Social Media Advertising, Part 2 »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2015 by Deltina Hay, Founder and Curator, — Given today’s social media noise level, I recently decided that I would pay for some exposure within social media platforms. Now I’m suggesting that you do the same, not by replacing your existing social media marketing strategy but by enhancing it to promote some …

Deltina Hay, August 2015
A Practical Guide to Social Media Advertising, Part 1 »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2015 by Deltina Hay, Founder, With Facebook continuing to tighten its grip on how many of your page fans get to see your promotional updates (see, and with other social media platforms sure to follow suit, it is time to be realistic about whether your social media marketing strategy can survive …

Lee Foster, August 2015
My Social Media System »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2015 by Lee Foster, Author, An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing — After I had 16 books published the traditional way, I recently switched to self-publishing for four books. I use social media to promote all my books. Bearing in mind that the best strategies will continue to evolve, some quite rapidly, I …

Joseph Esposito, July 2015
A New Metaphor for Better Marketing »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Joseph Esposito, President, Processed Media To be a good marketer in the current environment is not easy, in part because the number of options is so vast that no one can take advantage of them all, and in part because some of the new venues are hard to understand and integrate …

Linda Carlson, July 2015
Marketing Whatever You Have to Market, Part 4: Promotion Opportunities and Issues (1 of 3) »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Linda Carlson, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — This is the fourth in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market.” Access the full series here. Product, price, place (sales channels), and promotion are the “four Ps” that business school professors introduced as the “marketing mix” almost …

Peter Goodman, May 2015
Social Media Power via Author/Publisher Partnerships »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2015 by Peter Goodman, Publisher, Stone Bridge Press At Stone Bridge Press, we have devised a system for boosting our authors’ online presence and the online presence of their books by offering to do most of the dirty work. Our decision to publish a book today probably has as much to with the …

Suw Charman-Anderson, April 2015
On Uncertainty, Case Studies, and the Great Race to Be Second »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2015 by Suw Charman-Anderson, social technologist People behave in many different ways when they are unsure what is expected of them, but one of the most common tactics is hanging back and watching what others do. It’s often smart. It allows us to observe the behaviors and expectations of others, see how transgressors …

Thad McIlroy, April 2015
Mobile-Era Marketing »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2015 by Thad McIlroy, publishing analyst Mobile is where today’s customers are headed and where tomorrow’s customers already dwell. And mobile marketing requires a leader who can articulate a compelling technology strategy and keep it on course. This is a vexing issue for publishers. Mobile won’t succeed without a top-level commitment at the …

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