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by Laurie McBride, New Vendor Acquisitions, Border, September 2002
The Basics of Marketing to Borders »

and Cynthia Frank, President, Cypress House There’s a place for titles from small and independent publishers in the big bookstore chains, and marketing your title to them may be easier than you think. The larger chains (Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million) represent well over one-quarter of retail bookstore sales in the United States. In …

Marcella Smith, July 2001
What Makes Barnes & Noble Decide to Buy a Book? »

In any given week, the Small Press Department at Barnes & Noble receives more than 100 new titles to be considered for inclusion in the store title mix. Over the years, the ratio of “titles selected” to “titles passed” has remained steady; we tag three out of every 10 for distribution into the stores and …

Robin Bartlett, September 1998
Getting Picked Up by the Chains »

I recently spoke with representatives from Barnes & Noble/B. Dalton and Borders/Waldenbooks about the steps and procedures PMA members should follow to have their books considered for purchase. I thought this information might make a good PMA Newsletter article and I had most of the research at finger-tip and ready to go.As I started to …

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