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Matt Knight, September 2017
The World of Fan Fiction: Where Creative Expression and Copyright Collide »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2017 by Matt Knight, Author, THE GENE POOL – Popular books, movies, or cable shows often inspire devoted fans to write their own fictional stories about beloved characters, settings, or plots. Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Kirk and Spock, Harry Potter, Edward and Bella—all have moved fans to channel their inner creativity and …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., August 1998
Fair Use »

  Don’t you hate it when attorneys say, “Well, it depends . . .”? As publishers, authors, and other creators of intellectual property, and as users of such property, we would like to have certainty when we use protected material. When we decide we want to use some portion of another person’s creative works, either …

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