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Selling to Retail Outlets without a Wholesale Company
Books Marked With “No Returns”


Is it possible to sell your book to retail outlets without a wholesale company/representation?

Answer (10/2013):

Stores will happily take books on consignment so that they don’t have to bother with returns, stocking fees from wholesalers and the hassles of setting up a new account.

If she wishes to sell to bookstores without a wholesaler, she can:
A. Call the stores and talk up her book and ask them to stock on consignment.
B. Drop off or mail a pre-agreed upon number of books to the store.
C. Call the store once a month for a stock check and restock as needed.
D. Invoice the store for the books sold once a month. (a 40% discount would be nice, but in a lot of cases, they settle for 35%

~ Amy Collins started her career in the book industry as the book buyer for Village Green Books. She then “hopped the desk” and enjoyed 5 years as a National Account Rep. In 2001, Amy was named Director of Sales at Adams Media and eventually Special Sales Director for parent company, F+W Media. Amy founded The Cadence Group and New Shelves Distribution in 2006 to offer services to new and small presses.


I have been publishing books for 5 years following a short-discount POD model. But recently, one of our titles received a starred review from PW. Immediately, I changed the discount with Ingrams to a standard 55%. But I am reluctant to take returns because of the uncertainty of the financial risks. Will bookstores order the book, if it is marked, “No Returns”?

Answer (03/2013):

In most instances a bookstore is unlikely to order a title that is non-returnable. The ability to return inventory allows the store the flexibility to keep their inventory current and best maximize store space.

~Janice Schnell is a Content Acquisition Account Executive for Ingram Content Group. Janice joined Ingram in January 2007, and has extensive knowledge of book publishing and offset and print-on-demand book manufacturing and distribution.

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