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IBPA members can “Ask the Experts” in the fields of Book Design, Publicity and Marketing, Publishing Law, Social Media, E-books, Amazon and more…

Starting May 5, 2014, IBPA’s Ask the Experts Online program has been integrated into our new institution on OpenLearning. You can watch the video below for a quick tour of the system. If you’ve already set up your credentials, you can log into OpenLearning here and access Ask the Experts here. If you need credentials, please email Mimi Le to request them.

You have questions? We have answers!

IBPA’s Ask the Experts Online program connects you with qualified experts who can answer your specific questions and, in the process, help other members as well. For 30 years, IBPA members have been “Helping Each Other to Achieve and Succeed”. Now it’s even easier!

How it works:
  1. Log into OpenLearning. (If you’re new to the system and don’t have your OpenLearning credentials, email Mimi Le to request them.)
  2. Click on the Ask the Experts Online course. You’ll need to “Join the Course”.
  3. Once you’re in the course, choose a topic from the categories listed in the left-hand navigation bar.
  4. Read through the Q&A to get a sense for the kinds of questions being asked in this category. You can do a keyword search on any webpage by hitting “Ctrl+F” (PCs) or “Command+F” (MACs) on your keyboard.
  5. Submit your question in the area that says “Ask Your Question Here (We’ll Find An Answer!)…”. Please be specific, but brief and to the point, when you ask your question so your Expert can respond directly.
  6. When you submit your question, an email will automatically be sent to IBPA’s list of pre-screened experts, one (or more!) of whom will respond directly within 7 business days.
  7. NOTE 1: There is no “edit” feature in the forum. Once you submit your question it is emailed to experts and posted to the forum as-is and you won’t be able to edit it. We recommend you write your question in a Word doc, then copy/paste it into the forum once you’re happy with it.
  8. NOTE 2: Other IBPA members might also comment on your question, offering advice from their perspectives. Member comments are moderated to ensure appropriate, non-commercial advice is given in all cases. You’ll know when your pre-screened IBPA Expert answers because he or she will have a star next to his or her profile photo.

We hope you find the Ask the Experts Online program to be useful. However, we also need to call attention to the following disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Ask the Experts Online and the other content on the IBPA website include advice, information, and opinions contributed by third parties. As with any such content, it does not take the place of consultation with appropriate professional advisors, and we recommend that you make sure any content you find at the IBPA website fits your specific business, financial, and legal needs. The information, advice, and opinions expressed by contributors and correspondents are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of IBPA. IBPA is not affiliated with third-party contributors and correspondents and does not endorse or guarantee their advice and information and/or their products and services. The content and functionality of the IBPA website is made available without any guarantees or warranties of any kind, and IBPA shall not be liable for damage and/or loss of any kind whatsoever resulting from your decision to use this website and/or any of its contents and/or functionality. By entering and using the IBPA website, you agree to be bound by this disclaimer.

The idea for this program is to share relevant, timely information with fellow members of the association, while answering the questions you have for your publishing business. Please be brief and to the point, so that others may benefit from your question and the answer from the expert.

About the Experts:

IBPA’s experts come from every area of the industry. They include current and former IBPA board members and presidents, former and current Publishing University and Publishing University Online speakers. All work for established companies and/or those companies that have received testimonials and recommendations from IBPA members.

Those interested in becoming part of the list of experts may email Mimi Le with the subject line, “Ask the Experts Online.”

This very new program will no doubt evolve as we work together. Please feel free to call the IBPA office with any questions at 310-546-1818.

Starting at just over $10 a month for small publishers, IBPA membership benefits independent publishers of all sizes. Through our strength in numbers, you have clout – your voice will be heard.

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