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Independent Articles
Jan Nathan, PMA , June 1997
What Would You Do Differently? »

A few months ago, I queried the PMA chat group participants about what they did differently in publishing their subsequent titles that helped them to become better publishers. It’s an old concept . . . learning from previous mistakes. Many people shared the many things they wished they could have avoided in their first go-around …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press , June 1997
What Should Be Published? »

Are there some books we should not publish, no matter how well they might sell? The following ruminations are the result of a discussion at my book group of Hitler’s Willing Executioners by Daniel Goldhagen (Random House, 1996), an absolutely stunning book which of course should have been published. I have for years been irritating …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., June 1997
The Interview Release »

Ivan Hoffman (photo right) is a publishing, copyright, Internet law, recording, and music attorney as well as a published writer and author. He practices in the Los Angeles area. You may reach him at ivan@ivanhoffman.com or 818/342-1762. Authors may at some point run into a situation in which they interview someone and obtain information from …

Mary Westheimer, President, BookZone, June 1997
Publishers and the Internet: Using Technology Well »

(Note: Italicized words are defined at the end of this Fact Sheet.) What Can the Internet Do for Publishers? Before addressing the subject everyone wants to hear about (selling books), let’s look at some of the other ways publishers are already using the Internet. Most obvious is e-mail, a low-cost, highly efficient communication method. From …

Brad Hurtado, June 1997
Q&A »

Re: I am a new author and self-publisher. I have written my first book and I am going on television for a 30-minute interview on Wednesday. Does anyone have any advice? Rob Yanok Dear Rob and ANY new author, A couple words of advice for you from a veteran television talk show producer (Donahue, Maury …

Robert C. Brenner, MSEE, MSSM, June 1997
The High Cost of Meetings »

In our zeal to think beyond traditional parameters and maximize our bottom line, one often overlooked activity is the meeting. In large and small organizations, the meeting is typically considered inefficient at best. Organizers often don’t know how to plan and conduct such an interface. And attendees often place meetings at low priority and thus …

Paula E. Langguth, Pellingham Casper Communication, May 1997
Five Tips for Improving Your Business »

(1) Have an 800#. You can get one very cheaply through your long distance carrier. Sprint provides mine, and it costs $10 a month, plus the cost of calls that come in. It’s set up as a Wats line, so it’s very inexpensive. I highly recommend Sprint because of their Free Friday campaign good through …

Janis Paris, May 1997
How to Hire an Indexer »

Getting Started in the Hiring Process The nice thing about hiring an indexer is that you can ask for a work sample and verify that the caliber of the index matches your needs. Of course, if the person you are considering has a list of publications a mile long from highly regarded establishments (especially if …

Jeffrey Dobkin, May 1997
Getting Your Press Release into Print »

I seldom recommend an ad campaign until a press release has tested the media, and has proven that we can get a qualified response from the target audience. We don’t always get in with our press releases, but we always try. On the flip side, for industrial marketing, an ad is the logical conclusion to …

Ken Lee, Michael Wiese Productions , May 1997
Notes from the Frankfurt Book Fair, Part II »

In my last article, I reviewed key tips on pre-planning your trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair. In this article, I’ll review more tips on making your trip to Frankfurt as productive as possible. Ordnung Ist Das Halbe Leben (Order is Half of Life) When you visit Frankfurt, you’ll understand exactly what this old German …

Moira Allen, May 1997
Confessions of a Small-Town Publisher »

“Hello… Ah… I wanted to know… Ah… Do you publish poetry?” Every so often, a poetry class is offered at one of the local colleges. I have yet to find out where, or whose class it is — but when I do, I think I’ll have a few words with the instructor. I always know …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, May 1997
What about the Internet? »

Will the Internet radically change the book business, not to speak of civilization as we know it? Not quite yet, in my opinion. The Growing Internet Marketplace Here are some reasons why I may be dead wrong in my previous statement. Amazon (the cyberspace bookstore) continues to grow at the rate of 25% a month, …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., April 1997
“Work for Hire” Agreements »

There is a military doctrine that says no matter what the facts may be, “just declare victory and get out.” Unfortunately in the world of publishing and the acquisition of rights, it’s not as easy to simply say, “Well, we’ll just sign a work for hire agreement and that’s that.” The Rules The copyright law …

Jan Nathan, Executive Director, April 1997
What Can I Do About Marketing? »

Many times I hear this question when a publisher calls to try to understand why his or her title has gotten onto the shelves of a certain market (bookstore, gift shop, major chain) but isn’t selling. When asked what type of action plan they had in place before getting it into these retail outlets, I …

Mary Westheimer, PMA Internet Chairperson, BookZo, April 1997
Going Online at PMA »

THE AUTHOR QUESTIONNAIRE, which was mentioned in Curt Matthews’s January newsletter article, is generating a lot of interest on the PMA Website athttp://www.pma-online.org these days (find the form itself athttp://www.pma-online.org/author.html). The actual document, which is used at Matthews’s Chicago Review Press, is printable from the screen. It came in handy recently when one of the …

Article originally appeared in Thomson-Shore's new, April 1997
Ideas on Individual Book Fulfillment »

Individual book fulfillment is not something we do much of but it is something our customers ask about. So, after some customer requests that we do an article on it, I made some calls to a couple very small publishers who do their own individual book fulfillment, a mailing house that primarily does journal fulfillment, …

Jeffrey Dobkin, April 1997
“We Tried Direct Mail and it Didn’t Work!” »

When any of my clients tell me they’ve tried direct mail and it didn’t work for them, I always ask, “What exactly was that campaign?” The kind of response I usually get? “We mailed to our top twenty-five prospects, and none of them bought anything! Damn, they were our best prospects too.” I then take …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, April 1997
Advice for the Accounting Impaired »

Few if any of us decided to become publishers because we loved accounting. It’s books we like, and accounting is just a necessary evil. But how much of this evil is really necessary? At Least Know the Basics First a disclaimer: I am a recovering academic and have never had any formal business training of …

Robert C. Brenner, M.S.E.E., M.S.S.M., April 1997
Personal Observations about the PMA Listserv (Why You Should Be a Part of This Forum) »

For the past five months, I’ve been a member of PMA’s online forum, the listserv. When I first “subscribed,” I was unsure what to expect. Although I’ve been in publishing for 10 years, I’m new to online activities, especially those related to e-mail and the World Wide Web. I guess I’m one of those who …

Robert Goodman, SilverCat, March 1997
Thoughts on Distributor Contracts »

The contract is the defining document of most publisher-vendor relationships. Written by the vendor, the boilerplate contracts generally favor the vendor’s perspectives and interests. All of these boilerplates are subject to revision, and negotiation should be undertaken before the contract is signed. Almost everything in a proposed contract is negotiable. Still, as Ivan Hoffman reminds …

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